In 1975, a group of friends organized a vocal quartet and band to celebrate and preserve Southern Gospel Music in its traditional form. Desiring to use that music as an expression of their faith in God, The Landmark Quartet was born in New Albany, Mississippi.

In the late 1970's and early 1980's, The Landmarks appeared all over the Southern United States at churches, concert halls and civic functions, performing with all the leading Gospel groups of the era. In 1978, the quartet was invited to appear on the nationally-televised "Gospel Singing Jubilee," a distinction usually reserved for full-time touring artists.

The Landmarks recorded three albums that were well received by fans of traditional vocal harmony and blend. The quartet's first album, "On Tour," was graced with liner notes from Gospel music legend, James Blackwood. Their sophomore effort, "The Landmarks, featuring We Do Not Die" contained "Just As The Sun Went Down," which became a Landmark classic. The final album, "Goldmine," is remembered for its unique vocal arrangements of Gospel standards like "Personal Savior" and "First Day In Heaven" and a new up-tempo tune called "Bigger Than Any Mountain." The quality of these albums, combined with the Landmarks' onstage energy, led to acclaim from their peers and a heavy touring schedule.

The Landmarks are all area businessmen and, in 1982, the demands of travel, jobs and young children led the group to disband. Sixteen years later, in July of 1998, The Landmarks were persuaded to get back together for a "one-time" reunion concert. However, the "one-time" didn't stick and, since that concert, the group is in their 14th year of recording great new music and singing a limited schedule with four long-time members and three talented newcomers.

The group has since recorded three more projects: "Homecoming," "Making Music With My Friends," and "Timeless," the latter featuring the signature song "Land Of Rest" and photography from the Elvis Presley Birthplace in Tupelo, Mississippi where The Landmarks are based.

The Landmarks are proud to support St. Jude Children's Research Hospital as their primary charity, a special connection that is expressed in part by the quartet's bright neckties given to them by the St. Jude kids.

The Landmarks still sing traditional Southern Gospel music with energy and style. While they view their work primarily as an expression of their faith, they are also proud to help preserve a Southern art form that has left an indelible mark on American music and culture. Whether in a local church or a concert hall, the goal is the same: The Landmarks strive to communicate the love, grace and mercy of God through song. They will be a welcome addition to your church service or event.
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